Engineers & Contractors

VG Engineers & Contractors , can justifiably be proud of the fact that the way construction activity was managed, created a healthy competition and set new standards in the practices of Environment, Health & Safety in the industry in Calicut.


Civil & Structural Construction

We are dedicated to providing professional and innovative service for our clients covering a wide variety of Civil, Structural Construction projects.Our services will ensure the co-ordinated and smooth running of your project.


Modern Building Material & constructions

The construction industry consumes more natural resources than any other industry. With increasing public awareness of the needs and demands of sustainable development and environmental conservation, no other industry is called on as much as the country's construction and building industry to evolve their practices to satisfy the needs of our current generation


Engineers & Builders

We develop and manage the entire building package to complete our clients’ visions. We have developed strategic, time-proven alliances with specialist consultants, design professionals, and suppliers to consistently drive innovation. We bring together the very best people for every project we are involved in.